The camera is the least important element in photography." -Julius Shulman

"Photoshop is the MOST..." -Jody Gianni  (Just kidding of course.)


Jody combines her background as a commercial, editorial photographer with her uncanny ability to capture the moment you wish you caught, but didn't, because you didn't have your "good" camera with you.  Aw shucks, maybe next time! She believes that beautiful images are a combination of untimely mishaps, bribery via Cheerios, loud monkey imitations, rolling on the ground fits, spinning lollipops in one hand, while simultaneously jiggling car keys above her head with the other. If you are looking for a peaceful, calm, and soothing, photo session this probably won't be it. But we will be sure to have a great time with lots of laughs, wonderful moments, and adorable expressions captured forever.

Not a kid? I won't force you to eat Cheerios, I promise.

When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, Jody likes spending time with her genetically cloned daughter, and dreamy, rock star husband in Livingston, NJ. (And that's New Jersey the STATE... NOT the capital of New York).